Social Media For Restaurants

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Whether you chose to embrace and promote social media in an active manner, considering it an important aspect of your marketing activity. Or you believe social media to be an irritant or unimportant to how you market your restaurant business. One essential factor remains….you can’t ignore the potential importance, reach and use of social media…

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Boosting FB Posts

Boosting Facebook Posts for Restaurants

In previous articles we've discussed how to use Facebook Targeting and run successful competitions. Today we're going to talk about "Boosting" your post. When you write and article on your Facebook page, you are given the option to Boost Post. Here's an example from our Facebook page: Boosting a post gives you the ability to show…

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Google Adwords

Google Adwords for Restaurants - What is it and Why you Should Use it

Adwords (or Pay Per Click also known as PPC) is Google’s paid advertising platform. When you type a search into Google (e.g. “Restaurant London”) Google returns you a list of results This result list is made up of what is known as Natural Search (so Business Listings and typically websites reviewing restaurants like Tripadvisor) and…

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facebook restaurant competitions

Facebook Competitions for Restaurants

Facebook competitions can be a great way to both get new customers and engage with existing ones. They are also really easy to set-up and run, and the good news is that there are only 7 types you can choose from, which makes picking which one to run nice and easy! Here are the 7 competition types…

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Restaurant citations and local listings

Restaurant and Bar Local Listings and Citations

Bit of a mouthful, this one, but let's cut through the jargon and explain what this is and why it is so important. If you've read our other articles, specifically 3 Steps to Successful Online Restaurant Marketing and Google My Business for Restaurants – Your Secret Weapon, then you'll know that getting listed on Google's free business listing…

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16 Menu Tricks

16 "Tricks" to get Customers to Spend More!

One of our favourite sites on the web is Lifehack. Full of inspiring articles and exposes. And we've got them to thank for this handy article! They have published a post called 16 Sneaky Restaurant Menu Tricks That Tempt You To Spend More by Joseph Hindy which lifts the lid on practices within our community to…

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Facebook Targeting for Restaurants

Facebook Targeting for Restaurants

We talked about Facebook as one of our 3 must have platforms for you to be on in our article 3 Steps to Successful Online Restaurant Marketing. According to Statista, Facebook has around 32 million active UK users... that's over half the population! And it's an audience you can readily tap into using the Facebook Advertising…

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Google My Business For Restaurants

Google My Business for Restaurants - Your Secret Weapon

If you've already read our post on the 3 Steps to Successful Online Restaurant Marketing, then you'll know we are a big fan of Google and recommend you getting your business listed and active on their as soon as possible. So what is Google My Business, and how can it help your bar / restaurant? We run…

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restaurant online marketing

3 Steps to Successful Online Restaurant Marketing

One of the things that stops us from creating effective restaurant marketing campaigns for our businesses is "noise". What do we mean by that? The internet is awash with places you people tell you to focus your time and money on. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, PPC, etc... There's so much choice that it's really hard to…

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Main Title 25 Ways

How to Earn More from your Patrons - 25 Tips for Happier Customers

A lot of us think that getting a new customer into our establishment is where the marketing ends. This couldn't be further from the truth, though. Here's  a golden secret that you might not know... The key to making money from our business is maximising the lifetime value of our customer. What does this mean? Well...…

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