Boosting FB Posts

Boosting Facebook Posts for Restaurants

In previous articles we've discussed how to use Facebook Targeting and run successful competitions. Today we're going to talk about "Boosting" your post.

When you write and article on your Facebook page, you are given the option to Boost Post. Here's an example from our Facebook page:

Boost Post Example

Boosting a post gives you the ability to show your post to specific people. For example, if your Restaurant is in Ohio and you want to show the post to people in or near Ohio, who like eating out and enjoy Cajun Food, then you can do that!


Here's a quick video from Facebook Explaining a bit more about how to do  this:

So how can we use this to get new customers?

The key here is to make an offer to your potential new customers in the post. Offer them something for coming to try you out, but make the offer time sensitive (so they feel compelled to take action).

Here are few offer examples:

  • Free drink with  every main
  • Free appetizer / dessert with every main
  • Free gift (seasonal)
  • Kid's eat free / half price
  • Bill Discount (5%, 10%)

Also make sure to include an offer code which they will need to give you. This way you can track how many people come to visit as a direct result of your boosted post.

If you're not keen on offering a new customer incentive, then you can always lead with an exciting announcement.

e.g. "This December Only - try are Xmas specials inspired by Lapland - home to Santa!"

Ultimately the choice if yours on what you want to offer. Our recommendation is to mix it up. Test out one kind offer next month, then try something different a month later. See which one works best and then build on that.

One thing, though... do try this out. It works. Period.


Rob McNicoll is the CEO and Founder of The Restaurant Marketer. With over a decade helping businesses grow, he has added over £16.9 million and counting in additional revenues using his marketing techniques.A sought after marketing consultant and business mentor, Rob's strategies have been implemented in businesses ranging from PLCs to single entrepreneurs. There is one common theme  - these techniques are straight forward, easy to implement and give results.

Rob McNicoll
CEO - The Restaurant Marketer

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