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Facebook Competitions for Restaurants

Facebook competitions can be a great way to both get new customers and engage with existing ones. They are also really easy to set-up and run, and the good news is that there are only 7 types you can choose from, which makes picking which one to run nice and easy!

Here are the 7 competition types

  • Like to win
  • Comment to win
  • Solve to win
  • Upload to win
  • Write a Caption to win
  • Join an email list to win
  • Hybrid

Let's have a quick look at each one in turn.

Like to Win

This one is nice an easy. Find something that you want to give away, and then ask people to like your page or page post to win. Your aim here is to increase the number of people who like your page (and that you should then be able to communicate to more easily).

We recommend including an image of what they are going to win.

Here's an example:

FB Likes

Comment to win

Another easy competition to create. You're going to ask people to comment on your post, and their comment is their entry into the competition.

In order to make it fun (and also control the type of comments coming in) use a "Fill in the blanks" template like this one:

"My favourite meal in the whole world is _________"

FB Comment

What's nice about this is no only will people comment, but you'll also find out what they love to eat. This could end up providing some valuable market research as well as new customers!

Solve to win

This is slight variation on the comment competition. Instead of asking them  to fill in the blanks, we are asking them  to solve a non-skill based problem.

For example we might ask them to re-arrange the letter of a famous dish for a chance to win ("PZZIA") or guess the number of fries on a plate of food.

FB Solve

The nice thing about this sort of competition is it can go viral and get lots of shares.

Upload to win

Upload competition can create a real flurry of activity on your page. People upload their images, and these are likely to get shared, which further helps to promote your page / competition.

So how does it  work?

To enter your competition you're going to ask people to upload a photo. This could be a picture of their "dinner party dish" or and image of them enjoying their favourite snack in an unusual place... Be as creative as your like!

FB Upload

Write a caption to win

This is another variation of the "Comment to win" competition. You're going to upload a relevant photo and ask people to write a caption for it.

WARNING... if you post the wrong kind of photo, this competition can flop horribly, so make sure you post something that is relevant and gives them the chance to write something funny.

FB Caption


Join an email list to win

We are always banging on about creating a customer database at The Restaurant Marketer, and this is a great way build an email list of people who are potential customers that you can start to market directly to.

You're going to ask people to:

  1. Like  your page and
  2. Click a link to join an email list to enter


FB Email


The hybrid mixes elements of as many of these other types as you like. Personally we like to limit it to 2 or 3 actions to make sure it isn't too much of a pain for people to enter.

So... you could ask them to like and comment in order to enter, or like and tag someone, etc...

FB Hybrid


Final Tips

For every competition type we want to encourage people to come and visit our restaurant even if they don't win the competition. One of the best strategies for this is making an offer to everyone who has entered the competition giving them a "runner-up" prize. For example you could offer 10% off their entire bill and provide a special code for them to redeem or printable voucher (it also helps you to track your results and know the customers are visiting as a result of your Facebook campaign.


Staying within Facebook's guidelines

There aren't actually too many rules and regulations for your to worry about there, and Facebook have a handy downloadable guide you can view here.

Our advice is to make sure your offers are clear, concise and compelling and that you follow through on your promise (so if you are offering a free meal for 4, then make sure you provide this).

Aside from that you are only limited by your creativity!


Rob McNicoll is the CEO and Founder of The Restaurant Marketer. With over a decade helping businesses grow, he has added over £16.9 million and counting in additional revenues using his marketing techniques.A sought after marketing consultant and business mentor, Rob's strategies have been implemented in businesses ranging from PLCs to single entrepreneurs. There is one common theme  - these techniques are straight forward, easy to implement and give results.

Rob McNicoll
CEO - The Restaurant Marketer

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