Facebook Targeting for Restaurants

Facebook Targeting for Restaurants

We talked about Facebook as one of our 3 must have platforms for you to be on in our article 3 Steps to Successful Online Restaurant Marketing.

According to Statista, Facebook has around 32 million active UK users... that's over half the population! And it's an audience you can readily tap into using the Facebook Advertising platform.

So what is so great about this?


In the olden day we use to use broadcasts (such as TV or Radio adverts) to try and tempt people to use our business. The problem with these is that anyone could be listening. Radio is not so bad, as it tends to be local, but you've still got a wide and varied demographic.

Now imagine you are a French restaurant in Basingstoke. You create an advert and you only want to show it to potential customers who are:

  • In their 30s
  • Live near to your restaurant
  • Like eating out
  • Like french food
  • Have a reasonable disposable income
  • Have an anniversary or birthday coming up

Well not you can do this in minutes with Facebook.

Facebook for Restaurants targeting options

There are 4 main areas you can target: Location, Demographics, Interests, Behaviours and Connections

  • Customer Locations

    You can pick your customer based on where they live (town or postcode) and even include a radius. We recommend picking by postcode from your restaurant.

  • Customer Demographics

    Here you can target your customers by:

    Ethnic Affinity
    Life Events
    Parents (age of children)


  • Customer Interests

    Interest you can target include:

    Business and Industry
    Family and relationship
    Fitness and wellness
    Food and drink
    Hobbies and activities
    Shopping and Fashion
    Sports and outdoors


  • Customer Behaviours

    There are a variety of customer behaviours your can target, including:

    Digital Activities
    Mobile Device
    Purchase behaviour


  • Customer Connections

    These allow you to market to people who already like you pages, which can be appropriate for some campaigns.


Here's what our target in our Basingstoke example looks like:

French cusine

As you can see there a 6,600 people in the area who fit out criteria, which is a nice targeted pool to advertise to.


If you'd like a bit more information on Facebook targeting you can watch their basic explainer videos here:



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