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Google Adwords for Restaurants - What is it and Why you Should Use it

Adwords (or Pay Per Click also known as PPC) is Google’s paid advertising platform. When you type a search into Google (e.g. “Restaurant London”) Google returns you a list of results

Adwords Map Results

This result list is made up of what is known as Natural Search (so Business Listings and typically websites reviewing restaurants like Tripadvisor) and paid search. In this example we’ve put the paid search items in a red box (they also have a yellow “Ad” mark by them).

These are all adverts that businesses are paying Google for, however Google only gets paid is someone “clicks” on an advert (hence the name Pay Per Click).

So why should you be using it? Here are some great reasons:


  • Google is King (or Queen!)

In the 12 months to January 2016 Google was the most popular place for searching online with an 85.71% market share (

Bar Chart

What this means is that if you are not appearing on Google when people are searching for your type of restaurant, you’re going to struggle to be found.


  • Instantly get onto page 1 of Google

While SEO and Google My Business all have their place, they take time to get results. With Adwords you can create your campaign and have you business on page 1 within hours.


  • Mobile results

Google have confirmed that more people use mobile to search than desktops now. However, the search results look pretty different on mobile, with Adverts typically dominating. Here are the results of for “restaurant London” seen on a mobile.

Adwords Mobile Results

Compare this to the desktop result we showed earlier and it is clear that to engage with a customer looking for your business you need to be showing in the top 1 – 3 adverts.


  • Get in front of people that want your restaurant

Someone searching for “Italian restaurants in Fareham” has a clear desire for Italian food and wants to eat it in Fareham. We know that 90% of restaurant searches result in a purchase within 24 hours and 60% within 1 hour, so being the first or second result someone sees could provide a massive boost to your earnings.


  • You only have to pay when someone clicks on your advert

This is one of the reasons we love Adwords. Traditional marketing (print, tv, radio) requires you pay up front even through most of the people exposed to your advert won’t be interested. With Adwords you’re only paying for people who are actually interested enough to click on your advert and visit your website.


Hopefully you can now see the benefit of getting started with Adwords!

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