Google My Business For Restaurants

Google My Business for Restaurants - Your Secret Weapon

If you've already read our post on the 3 Steps to Successful Online Restaurant Marketingthen you'll know we are a big fan of Google and recommend you getting your business listed and active on their as soon as possible.

So what is Google My Business, and how can it help your bar / restaurant?

We run location based businesses, and if you search for us online (for example "Italian Restaurants in Edinburgh") then Google returns a result similar to the one below...

Google Results For Italian Restaurant In Edinburgh

As you can see there is a map with little red blobs on it representing all the Italian restaurants Google has listed in Edinburgh, with the 3 shown here highlighted with a fork & knife. These are Google My Business Results.

Google will automatically list all businesses (after a time), so you may well find that your's is already listed among the red blobs, but you have no chance of appearing on page 1 if you have not "claimed" your listing. Also - if you a brand new business, you won't necessarily appear particularly quickly, which is another great reason to sign up with them.

So how to do you go about appearing the Google My Business Restaurant results? There are 3 steps.


Step 1 - Add of Claim your Bar / Restaurant

First thing you need to do is add or claim your business. The nice people at Google have provided a handy video tutorial which you can watch below

It's pretty straight forward.  You need to visit Google My Business (you'll need a Gmail account as well, but this takes a minute to set-up and they walk you through it) and search for your Restaurant by name and/or address. If you can't find it among the ones listed then click on either No these are not my businesses or I've correctly entered the business and you can then enter further info about your establishment. Google will then ask you how you want to verify your listing, and typically this will be by post.

Step 2 - Verifying your Bar / Restaurant Listing

Google has put in the verification stage to prevent fraud.

Imagine is a complete stranger claimed you business and then started putting up negative images, weird trading hours and defamatory written content. It could massively damage your reputation and income.

In order to prevent this Google will usually send out a postcard which has a verification code. The card usually arrives within 10 days. Here's some more from the guys at Google about it:

If your card hasn't arrived within 10 days then login to your Google my Business page and request another code.

Step 3 - Check over your information

Once you've finished verifying your listing it's time to check the info held about you and then update it to give you the best chance of being one of the top 3 in the search results for your town / city.


Rob McNicoll is the CEO and Founder of The Restaurant Marketer. With over a decade helping businesses grow, he has added over £16.9 million and counting in additional revenues using his marketing techniques.A sought after marketing consultant and business mentor, Rob's strategies have been implemented in businesses ranging from PLCs to single entrepreneurs. There is one common theme  - these techniques are straight forward, easy to implement and give results.

Rob McNicoll
CEO - The Restaurant Marketer

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