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Online Restaurant Reviews more Important than Ever

Further to previous post, Edinburgh has cause to celebrate with 4 of the top 100 Restaurants in the UK being there, says the Edinburgh Evening News.

The Kitchin, 21212 and Wedgwood have all been rated in the top 100, with Michelin-starred Restaurant Martin Wishart on The Shore in Leith making it into the top ten for the first time.

The top 100 list comes courtesy of our friends at Hardens and is based on a survey of over 63,000 reviews.

His fine-dining restaurant was also listed in the top ten of Trip Advisor’s 2015 
Travellers’ Choice Awards for the first time last month, reaching number nine.

This raises a really interesting point. One of the key elements of our Action Plan training is to show you how to manage and improve the ratings you get from customers (control the bad ones getting put online and encourage the good ones). Now with the top 100 making the national press like this, it seems more important than ever to have a solid strategy in place to get good review. Imagine what hitting the top 10 of Harden's review could do for your restaurant.

With online and social playing such a critical role in creating trust and credibility for our businesses please don't let this important element slide.

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