Restaurant citations and local listings

Restaurant and Bar Local Listings and Citations

Bit of a mouthful, this one, but let's cut through the jargon and explain what this is and why it is so important.

If you've read our other articles, specifically 3 Steps to Successful Online Restaurant Marketing and Google My Business for Restaurants – Your Secret Weapon, then you'll know that getting listed on Google's free business listing service is critical part of your online strategy.

However this is just part of the puzzle. You see, once you're listed, you're going to want to let Google know your business is legit, and in doing so this will help you move up the local listing rankings which will, in turn, get you more customers.

So what are local listings and citations?

They are trusted websites where you can register your business details for free (mostly - one or two do require membership). Once registered, they list your details online and this signals to Google that your business is real. As an added bonus, some of the sites (like Yellow Pages or Thomsons) get people using them to search for restaurants and bars, so you'll probably get some additional customers from them.

There are potentially hundreds of different places you can register, and we'd like you to do as many as possible. However this takes time, so below is a list of the top places to start you off.

VERY IMPORTANT - on each and every one of these sites please make sure that your business information is EXACTLY the same. No variation on name, address, number, opening hours, images (if you can upload them). Any break in consistency will have a negative impact, and we want to give you a boost!

Listing Types

We're going to give you 3 different citation and listing sections to get to work on. The first is national. You need to be in all of these. The second is specific just to our community. The last is local, which will boost your local search visibility.


National Listings and Citation Websites


Restaurant and Bar Local Listing and Citation Websites

A couple of these are included above, but we're going to list them below in case you want to focus on this section first.


Local listings

The best thing to do here is open up Google and search for "Restaurant Directory" or "Eating Out Directory" and include your location. So if you live in Plymouth, search for "Eating Out Plymouth Directory"

This will return you a list of places that it will be a good idea to register yourself with. Here's a screen grab for the Plymouth search:

Eating out

We've highlighted 4 possible places to get listed right away.


Getting yourself on these websites is a little bit time consuming (we allow around 10 minutes for each website we are listing a restaurant on). But the time spent can pay dividends and bring new customers into our restaurant. Please do it!


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Rob McNicoll
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